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I have a BFA in graphic design, but along the way in my career at SCE I was required to adopt additional skills in programming, video, UX/UI, web, you name it - I've probably had to do it. I'm kinda like a really good Swiss Army Knife.


My wife and I help out at our church in the youth ministry. We both follow a lifestyle free of grains, moving around frequently at a slow pace, lifting heavy things and sprinting every once in awhile. Modern day cavemen (& women) as it were.


I like resting, I think it's an important part of being human. Winding down and resting for me consists of playing with my dog Rigamarole, playing Ticket to Ride with my wife, falling asleep in my hammock or planting stuff in one of our square foot gardens.


I really like coffee… a lot. I prefer my Chemex on a daily basis. One in the morning, one after lunch. At home and on the weekends I just use the Clever Coffee Dripper or the AeroPress, or if I'm real lazy I just get the Bonavita goin'.


I'm a dude that likes to design stuff, cook stuff, read stuff and teach stuff.

When it comes to design, I like minimalism. I like things that look real clean and uncluttered. I enjoy negative space while most people want to fill that negative space with junk. I also really enjoy cooking (and eating) meats, veggies and bacon. Yes, bacon has it's own category and no, it won't kill you. I like books but I also enjoy blogs too. I also enjoy teaching the bible, my favorite book to teach from is either James, Ephesians or Psalms.

I carry these everyday

I try to keep it minimal, yet still functional.



Detail oriented graphic designer with over six years experience strategizing, managing and developing projects for print collateral, web, interactive media, exhibit design, motion graphics, video production, user experience design, learning management systems, social media management and marketing campaigns.

Current Job

I'm a Communications Specialist for Southern California Edison. I work on projects that include: marketing collateral, interactive touch screen modules, exhibit design, video projects and print media.


Feel free to download my full résumé. Forgive the robotic dialect, it was written that way to catch the attention of robots… no seriously, real robots.


Here are some tools I use…

…I love the sound of my Apple Extended II keyboard. Spotify gets me through the day. Moleskine, who doesn't have one?



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Renewable Energy

Wedding Invite

Previous Projects


Why aren't you on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest or LinkedIn?

I gave up on social networking because I was tired of constantly staring at my iPhone. If you want to socially network with me let's do it face to face. I'll BBQ, brew up a Chemex and we can talk.

Rigamarole says thanks for making it to the end of the site.

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